Armored. Men's Wrestling Singlet. Codpiece. Open rear

SKU: WS11-10S
Lycra Singlet with Codpiece and Open Ass is a great example of gay concept outfit! Wrestling has always been the sport for the brave and strong men. Paying the tribute to the manly athletes Maskulo creates the awesome designs of wrestling suits made of lycra. They are stretchy, they are tight - and they show the perfect bodies of the great guys. 

To help you expose your masculinity Maskulo offers singlets with codpieces to provoke brave minds. The codpiece is a clothing element with a long history dating back to ancient times. Brave and courageous men wore armor to protect their body but they never forgot to emphasize their manly power - to be more attractive to women or other men. Perfect clothes for male striptease performers and exotic dancers! Big bulge grabs special attention to a man's crotch and promises more. Maskulo singlets with codpiece help you to expose what others may seem shy to.


  • Wrestling style;
  • Low cut;
  • Stretchable tight spandex;
  • Fully removable codpiece;
  • Open rear;
  • Material: polyester 95% elastane 5%;
  • Colors: Red + Black;Black.
  • Skinny fit - Slimmer through the body, properly contours the body

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