Armored. Men's Fetish Leggings. Codpiece. Zipped Rear

SKU: LG22-10S
Do you like to be in charge of how much of your skin & muscles are shown? Control it with Maskulo Men's Zipped rear Leggings. New lifehack for all the spandex lovers out there ;)

Maskulo Leggings have a removable codpiece pouch. You can get immediate access to what's inside through its upper part as it's made like a pocket. 

  • Stretchable tight spandex;
  • Front codpiece "Big bulge" - fully removable, on snaps;
  • Leather-look Thigh Pads and Pads on Calves; 
  • Zippered rear Leggings;
  • Material: polyester 85% polyurethane 10% elastane 5%
  • Colors: Red + Black; Black + Black.
  • Tight fit - Our closest-fitting gives you a feeling of compression