Mister B Neoprene Sleeveless T Zip Black

SKU: 340502
"Mister B has created this Mister B Neoprene Sleeveless T-shirt with a smooth, form fitted shape. Handmade in Italy to our specifications, this Neoprene T-shirt hugs your upper body with the cool but quickly warming feel, typically for neoprene as the third fetish material. As a thicker and more durable rubber inspired substance, neoprene has a wonderful stretchy look and feel. Get yours today from Mister B. With front zip, color bindings and mesh details. Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Available in sizes XS-XL. Chest measurement in cm but stretchable: XS: 81 to 87 S: 88 to 95 cm M: 96 to 102 cm L: 103 to 112 cm XL: 113 to 122 cm "