Youngero Generation Y. Men's Bulldog Harness

SKU: HR110-10XS
The extension of Youngero collection: Generation Y! Meet catchy and skimpy designs to express yourself! Stretchable leather-looking spandex, semi-transparent mesh and colored details create an image of a hot party-goer, open to new acquaintances and new experience!
Bulldog Harness will demonstrate to the guys around, how hard you’ve worked on your abs at the gym.
  • Bulldog harness;
  • Leather-looking black spandex; 
  • Material: polyester 85% polyurethane 10% elastane 5%; 
  • Colors: Red + Black
  • Items in white, orange and green colors glow in the dark

The bulldog harness is made of sandwich materials as PU foam covered with stretchable fabric. The front shaped detail as well as shoulder and side straps are edged with color biflex. The front detail is connected with the straps by plastic buckles and is fixed in place by non-openable snaps. At the back the item is bunched in a ring, it is size adjustable with snaps.